My Keyword Journey

Let's Dive into 3 ways Google Trends is helping my keyword research.


12/3/20232 min read

Good morning, or afternoon, wherever you are! Today let's talk about something that everybody should be feeding their articles: keywords. And guess what? Google Trends is the grocery shop that's just full of them. I've been exploring it for a bit of time, and it's pretty cool. So let's talk about 3 great ways Google Trends can amp up your article ranking.

1. Riding the Trend Wave and Seasonal Surges

So instead of picking the best keywords for what you want to write about, you can look at the keywords and mold your content around them instead. Just click into 'Trending Searches and you've got a sneak peek at what's hot. Oh, and don't forget to use "past 12 months" in your search parameters. You can then see how much more popular something is getting over time, or when if it has any drops. Ride those waves by creating content aligned with these trends.

2. Playing the Comparison Game for Killer Keywords

Another cool trick I noticed: comparing keywords. Google Trends lets you pit keywords against each other, You can see whose who in the zoo, and get all the info you need to make a sound decision over which one to use. Here's a tip, look for those keywords with consistent or rising interest over time, don't go for short term gains. Long term rising interest over time is what's going to keep you employed!

3. Getting Personal: Unveiling Regional Insights

The last great feature I enjoy is they let you know what's going on locally. It gives you all the deets on different regions. So if you want to target your following for a specific place, and grow off those keywords. Use this option. It's so simple to dive into the regional data and tweak your content to match those preferences. By tailoring articles to specific regions, you're basically rolling out the red carpet for your audience. This is really great if you want to niche down, you know your audience, and know who you want to cater for.

Google trends is making an extremely useful sidekick in my content creation adventure. Hopefully it can do the same for you.

So before I leave you for today, remember these points.

1. it's all about being on top of the latest trends.

2. pick keywords that win the popularity contest.

3. customize your content to speak directly to your audience wherever they are.